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THE FOUR WINDS If the world’s not ready now When will it be? Sails will be shrouds When I put out to sea Anchored safe and sound The wind bent my will And those warning clouds They never kept me still Ever… Rising up and falling down Her ambitions are tidal Say farewell to the solid ground I’m scattered to the four winds Between the devil and The deep blue sea No guiding stars Should or will care for me Ever… Rising up and falling down Her ambitions are tidal Say farewell to the solid ground I’m scattered to the four winds You threw me overboard Resistance unavailing All hope left ashore Rising up and falling down Her ambitions are tidal Say farewell solid ground
Asymmetrical 04:57
ASYMMETRICAL We are but dust in a back room With no lights on, all curtains drawn There is nothing left of you None I could hold on to Although you sowed the best lies for yourself Like there’s more than one truth and We have no enemies but ourselves The table turned on you As you turn on everyone With traps and poison Without rhyme or reason Right your wrongs It’s not too late Love and life Exist on different planes Both aligned While asymmetrical Don’t give up I fear no pain We can call it both A different name They’re aligned While asymmetrical Once upon a million night of dread Your throbbing heart, the fear of fear Was it all in my head? Who was I talking to? Who’s drawn the lines that lead you here? The facts may be angled, blurred or scattered But all beliefs are made of fear And they will turn on you Like they turned on everyone With traps and poison Without rhyme or reason It’s no quest for facts You better pray or brace your mind for impact
LOVE LETTER PERFUMED WITH ETHER No warning Or blinding flare from the moon There were none But in writing Inked with fire Words are slave to your ways Like a drug They’re thriving They summon storms and hurricanes At least someone to cry your name They’re deafening Volatile The poetry never goes away Only dies a little each passing day Lines refining Into a smile, that takes control Nobody else could ever know That you’re the one that wrote Those love letters perfumed with ether No guilt or lust weighs on your soul Your blood is hot, your heart’s so cold Yet I would love to earn Your love letters perfumed with ether In your eyes They’re like stains on a sheet But your heart Knows what is happening To them Go slowly heaven read with me Our lives rely on our chemistry Reacting
MISUNDERSTANDING The drugs are sinking in And have you speaking in tongues She lacks the discipline Of which you are paragon Can’t be made to comply No love can set her free I’ll never word your lies No matter what you try, You’ll never beat it out of me No words are cruel enough To force your journey on None that you are thinking of But then again, The night’s still young Tell me, am I Misunderstanding Could I be Misunderstanding You tell me The trial of her intentions The fire you were breathing in Left but wrath and scorn Branded on her skin You’re hanging from above The thorns she lies upon I can see it clear enough now But once again, Her timing’s wrong
Broken Open 07:32
BROKEN OPEN [Dedicated to the memory of Andrea Pratt Hockett 1981-2018] Aaron is tense enough to break As every mile would get him closer Since Andrea there awaits And would love him to the altar Two pieces of a puzzle Settled, unriddled You’re broken Broken open I know you’re broken Broken open And you love the ghost that haunts your storyline Love is hard to isolate It might be lighter than helium Although science should prevail It wants to hang in the balance I wrote her in a poem So you could read her over But all that’s meant to happen It won’t last forever You’re broken Broken open I know you’re broken All broken open And you love the ghost that haunts your storyline You’re broken Broken open I know you’re broken Broken open And you love the ghost that haunts your storyline
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Can’t assume that I am next in line As I’m staring at the rolling dice Cause if it wasn’t for the bad luck Then I wouldn’t have any luck at all None It’s spreading far and wide And hailed as the longest ride Still I may not know where I’m going But I know I’m going there on my own Alone You’re sentenced for life Tempting your fate Where you’ll be breading more lies Each one a line on your face If you follow your heart When you follow your heart Sweep me off my feet and bring me home No delusion can outmatch my own Know the dream is more abysmal Than any love ever fallen into Or through As you run to your death, tame your pride first Know that you can’t catch you breath And from there it only gets worse When you follow your heart Should you ever follow your heart Could never make my daughter proud And could never joined the normal crowd Maybe I haven’t worked it hard enough Or maybe… I’m just not enough


It's been a long time coming, but after countless setbacks, here it is! 2020 saw the release of 3 EPs mostly composed of tracks meant for this album. 'Blanc' was supposed to be the follow up and alter ego to 'Noir', the previous album. Both of them were imagined as part of the 'Trois Niveaux de Gris' trilogy. A third chapter, 'Gris' would have completed the trio, but life being what it is, sadly, the trilogy will be left incomplete.

*** Since the sound of the 3 EPs are quite different, all tracks had to be remastered to blend a little better with each other a make a more homogeneous set. BUT, THIS ALBUM DOESN'T CONTAIN ANY NEW MUSIC. All tracks are taken from the previously released EPs 'The Four Winds', 'Asymmetrical' and 'The Impossible Dream'. If you already own these EPs you won't hear anything new here. I'm only making the album available the way it was intended to be for those who absolutely have to have everything, but mostly, for closure, for me. Alternatively, you can simply sequence the songs you already own the way they were meant to be! If you already bought these EPs, I will gladly send you a free copy of the printable cover design included with this album, just message or email me. PLEASE DON'T USE IT TO PRINT CDs AND RESALE THEM ***


released July 17, 2020

Music, words, instrumentation, arrangements by Handful of Snowdrops

Bass Guitar on "I Can't Breath" and "Misunderstanding' by Michel Mercier

Lead Vocals on "Misunderstanding' by Pascale Mercier (aka Pascale Project)

Cover Design : Jean-Pierre Mercier


all rights reserved



Handful of Snowdrops Quebec, Québec

Handful of Snowdrops is a postwave band from Quebec City, Canada, with the most dedicated fanbase any artist could dream of. HoS could probably be the biggest small and unknown independent band in the world! :D
Active between 1984 and 1993, HoS returned with 'III' in 2015 and still going today.
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