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Lord Valkyria
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Lord Valkyria It's like listening a continuous concept and record even previous of "dans le oeil..." reminded the late 80s. None influence of this next century music
Christopher Terry
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Christopher Terry This album represents the triumphant return of one of the most important pioneers of the dark wave/electro-goth rock genre, in the same league as legends like Clan of Xymox. Bands such as The Frozen Autumn, Hidden Place and so many others undoubtedly owe their very existence to the influence of Handful of Snowdrops. III is a masterpiece of an album from beginning to end, perfectly capturing their original sound while simultaneously progressive and infused with heartfelt emotion. Welcome back!


released January 27, 2015

All songs by Handful of Snowdrops



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Track Name: Terroir III (The Hills, The Sea, The Sky, The Stars)
Track Name: Dead City
Dead City
(J.P Mercier/M. Mercier)

Home is where your heart's confined
You wear its shame, you wear its face
Home's where you were left behind
It's scars and memories time won't erase

Home is where ignorance roams
Home is where the bigots never sleep
Where hatred goes down to the bone
Where goes the promises you won't keep

It's where winter sieges all year long
Home is where you try and where you fail
Home is where our names are carved in stone
It's where our last breath will be exhaled

Home is where they love their home
Home is where their neighbors don't exist
Home is walled up with a stack of stones
And home will have you crushed if resist

Where what you wished for in this life
Missed every turn
Where every bridge your raised
Collapsed and burned
Home is where you will find me
My home is the dead city

Home is where your heart's confined
You wear its shame, you wear its face
Home's where you were left behind
It's scars and memories time won't erase

Home's nothing like what we were told
It doesn't get any worse than this
It's much more than a heart can ever hold
An exile I've turned down for a kiss
Track Name: The Man I Show The World
The Man I Show The World
(J.P Mercier/M. Mercierl)

I walk the line, dissembling
Backward with my eyes closed
It's not the same without you knowing
I'm the devil you don't know

In less time it took to say it
They were beating down the door
I'm just a coward and an hypocrite
I'm rotten to the core

But he's the man I show the world…

How I hate the love you have for me
Like November and it's skeletal trees
(He's the man I show the world)
May your curse fall on my enemies
As vile as the me that no one sees
(He's the man I show the world)

The second I was born I started dying
Made up my mind there and then
To this day I still kill myself trying
To kill myself once again
Track Name: The Kill
The Kill
(J.P Mercier/M. Mercierl)

Shame won't keep you nice and warm
I'm stupid, It's rooted
Face lined and worn
Discarded, excluded
Things were always black or white
I'm bad luck, It's clear cut
Haven't got all night
Fill your cup and drink up

The wine… as dark as any starless night

I'm scratching at the walls
Dust raining from the ceiling
This is my curtain call
My patience wearing thin
The right hand on my heart
Not meant to stop the bleeding
All's fair in love and war
So I'm going in for the kill

I might as well have passed you by
I keep silent, no movement
No tears were cried
I couldn't, we're even
Outside of the chalk outlines
No reasons, are given
No early signs
Just broken sarcasm

Two words… as dark as any starless night
There's a time to born and a time to die
Track Name: Wreckage
(J.P Mercier/M. Mercierl)

Where there is life there is no hope
But one blank, tear stained, beaten face
Feels like your heart creeps up your throat
When your bitten tongue no longer tastes

I don't how many kicks and punches
But it's a carnage
I'm not sure how many lines or pages
If there's a message
No, I dont' know how many strides and pushes,
threats or courage
I'm not even sure if one could assess the damage
Or find the wreckage

Today's goat, good father knows.
His fists clenched, spitting in my face
Track Name: Breaking Bones
Breaking Bones
(J.P Mercier/M. Mercierl)

And through the valleys they come drumming
Dragging whores of fears to come
Wrapped in colors, pulling heartstrings
Every man and woman strummed

Gather all if you love magic
You never seem to have enough
Neons, glitters, pulling hat tricks
Plowing hearts and seeding lust

Digging holes will leave you breathless
Dirty hands and aching arms

They can use our backs as stepping stones
They know we love the sound of breaking bones
They will use our backs as stepping stones
The know how much we love those breaking bones

Here comes Midas' second coming
They won't turn back, they're too far gone
Track Name: Fall In Line
Fall In Line
(J.P Mercier/M. Mercierl)

Each and every lines were drawn
Up until the break of dawn
Where you spilled your heart to me
You spilled your heart to me
No nothing could've held in place
The truth is a cold embrace
So you're not what you claim to be
No, you're not what you claim to be

You're a shadow stretching in the twilight
When the sun can finally let go of the sky
To fall in line

If what you want is peace of mind
When comes the time
Just fall in line

It's simply cause/effect, that pain in your chest
Is the last thing standing but for loneliness
Venom slowly dripping drop by drop
Remains of battles never fought
Track Name: Everything Is Number
Everything Is Number
(J.P Mercier/M. Mercierl)

All came about like magic
And lies between the lines
That sweet smell of mystic
Is nothing but a lie
We can call it faith
But its true name is denial

Ignoring is your choice
Oblivious but divine
Still the Holy Spirit's voice
Is nothing but a lie
That you're calling faith
But its true name is denial

It's all just numbers…
Perfectly ordered
Breeding the answers
Real, prime and whole
There is no soul

Some of us better
Better than others
Compiling numbers
Even and odd
There is no god
Everything is number…

Here in the hands of weakness
All sheltered and confined
No one feels the urge to confess
We are nothing but a lie
Because we still call it faith
When its true name's still denial
Track Name: Forever It Goes
Forever It Goes
(J.P Mercier/M. Mercierl)

When a heart falls in defeat
There is no air it can breath
Where a wound closes another one is open
There's no you, there's no me
And no stars that you can see
Or reflexions from the surface of the ocean

Children please behold
What these arms once enfold
One of these, or one of those
To whoever wants it most
It goes… it flows

We came too close,
And reeling from the blows
Then to, whoever wants it most
Forever it goes
Shot full of holes,
Still reeling from the blows
Then to, whoever wants it most
Forever it goes

Old memories die so hard
Not a slime chance passed my guard
There are no blanks In the absence of motion
For a single night could you
Breath something back into
Into a realm that's been drained of emotion
Track Name: It Can Only Mean One Thing
It Can Only Mean One Thing
(J.P. Mercier/ M.Mercier)

Heavy bed sheets,
Walking shadow play,
Parading blank stares
So is it my heartrate?
Will you have to operate?
Spat out in a blast,
In a dry but forgiving quick flare
Sleep is everything
We'll just give you something

We have a nice room with a view…
I should listen to wisdom
It's the best thing you can do…
But my heart is still numb
Yes, but win a few, loose a few…
I feel empty as they come
We tried everything get through…
If there's really nothing you can do

Out of that oddly moving mouth
All skin and creaky bones
Comes a mantra
That should beat your karma

But there's nothing there to see
Don't bring me to my knees
Your logic is failing me
If there's really nothing you can do

This can only mean one thing,
It can only mean one thing,
Nothing that I loved has survived,
It's already gone
I mean everything and everyone,
This can only mean one thing,
It can only mean one thing,
Nothing that I've done will survive
Not even one
Gone will be every note of every song

Stop gazing down
You walking blank page syndromes
Don't let it in there
Cut or rip it out of there